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All the awwwwwwwwwwwws in the universe!

All the awwwwwwwwwwwws in the universe!

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Happy 23rd Birthday Emily! (July 24, 1991)

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Olicity + touching

I’m all about the touching between Oliver and Felicity.  I love the hand stuff.  The connection and intimacy it brings.  It *means* something when they touch. 

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Happy Birthday Emily Bett Rickards (July 24, 1991)

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  • person: so what're you gonna do now that oliver is going to ask out felicity?
  • olicity fandom: we don't know we didn't think we would get this far

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Continuum has eaten my life.

It was nice knowing you all.

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Olicity weekDay 4

[Fave heartbreaking Olicity scene]

He thinks she’s goooooorgeous.  He wants to daaaate her.  (pssst. We all want that, btw.)

Reblogging for smoakandarrow’s addition. Anyone who quotes Sandra Bullock is a friend of mine. ;)

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Tony Ward RTW  Fall Winter 2014/15


Tony Ward RTW  Fall Winter 2014/15

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"I think Felicity’s attraction to him is so obvious but also so pure, that…. it feels more like love than sex." - Marc Guggenheim (x)

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The Fangirl Survey →


It’s finally here, the survey all about you. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, and honestly why wouldn’t you, is this:

1. Pop on over and spend 5 minutes taking The Fangirl Survey so your stories can be shared in Fangirling! 

2. Share the survey. Reblog, tweet, send it via carrier pigeon to your friends anything! The more result the better picture we’ll have for Fangirling! and he more awesome it will be in general.

3. If you’re not already doing it - follow fangirlingthebook for more updates, questions, stories and general fangirl awesomeness.

4. Don’t keep calm. Fangirl on.

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